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Rainbow Bridge

There have been a lot of crossings lately.

First, I was devastated to learn just now that a dog I'd come to know via an LiveJournal community passed away. He was not even 3 years old and had been a rescue who got very lucky. My heart goes out to his human friend because I couldn't imagine losing Captain so soon. I know he'll go one day but I've been heartened by the fact that he's hardy and has no apparent health issues.

In the meantime, please go visit Rocco the Snaggletooth and learn how wonderful he was.

Sunday, I finally woke up from my Sleeping Beauty like slumber (slept just about all weekend) to learn that a dog I knew and had assisted with in rescue had been killed that morning by another dog. I was devastated to learn that especially given the history of the dog. The people were kind enough to ask if I wanted the collar to remember her by and I was grateful for that. I shall put it in Frankenbaby's new box when I get it.

I've also been dealing with deaths of several sick dogs who I've helped try to fight to live but one by one they passed. Yesterday, another did and I just became sick.

It's so hard. Death is natural and comes to all of us but it's still really hard sometimes especially when you get attached. Again I'm grateful to volunteer with an organization like Chihuahua Rescue who is *no kill*. Many rescues think of themselves as "no kill" but won't take anything that isn't immediately adoptable. How "no-kill" is that? I understand that most rescues operate out of their own homes and don't have space to give to dogs that need sanctuary but when these people criticize Chihuahua Rescue for being one of the few rescues who says OK to all the ones who aren't adoptable, it gets me boiling mad. Their logic is that she's causing other adoptable chihuahuas to get killed because she fills up her kennel with unadoptables.

Bottomline, the rescue community is a bunch of catfights sometimes or like a community of shrews. Kimi's able to do something for the less adoptable and so she does and I commend her for it. I just wish these other rescuers would stop spending their time backbiting Kimi and focus on their own dogs.

But back to the subject at hand... I was inspired by a comment on Rocco's LJ memorial to start lighting virtual candles on Riding In Cars With Dogs for the dogs who cross the bridge. Sadly, I lit 5 tonight. The candles only appear on the homepage of my website so be sure to visit it if you haven't already seen it. Also, I think I will expand the site to include a memorial section with eulogies where appropriate.

Update: I went ahead and built it. Check out the Rainbow Bridge.

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