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Just what does a game show have to do with dog rescue?

Had it on tonight in the background while I was working on a project for Chihuahua Rescue. Fortunately despite my extreme distance from Chihuahua Rescue right now (I'm in Pennsylvania), I can still help with a recent major change there. They are switching from open adoption periods on Saturday to only adoption by appointment where everyone is prescreened first. Obviously, the best way to get the applications is by having them fill it out online rather than snail mail or fax. So that's what I'm working on....

Back to the game show... turns out that tonight's episode on Game Show Network features Olympians and apparently was filmed in 2002 because it specifically features winter olympians and based on year references... it's '02.

Anyways they're playing for charities and Tristan picked Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and somehow managed to survive to the final round which I'm watching right now. Right now it's 0:2 after 3 questions.

Final question... it's close... 1:2.

and she lost. Oh well.

I certainly highly approve of her charity choice though if I'm given a chance to win beaucoup bucks for a charity, I'd go with Chihuahua Rescue. or perhaps a rottie one?. Eh I'd personally prefer to use the money to get a place of my own to adopt the a bunch of the not so adoptables from her.

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