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Poor ole' Jethro who was flown in from Arkansas on our dime was the unfortunate victim of a terrible dog attack by a part wolf and another big dog. Worst part that it happened around 9ish in the morning and he wasn't found til 4pm during which he was hanging onto life despite a hole in his chest.

By the time he got to us, he was in a bit better off shape but it's only thanks to his owner's sister in law that he made it this far because the owner didn't want to pay the vet bills to save him. Apparently the owner wasn't really much of an owner to Jethro and treated him like a posession to have on display but not use/interact with. Anyways, our good Samaritan stepped in and contacted us and took care of everything on the AK end including getting him on the plane.

I went and picked him up from LAX and the poor guy was just terrified. He submitted to petting and my nearness but once he got to the kennel and was given his own space, he avoided human contact like crazy. We were started to think that he'd suffered brain damage due to oxygen deprivation issues when he had the hole in his chest.

However, Kimi pulled off another miracle and found someone willing to take him.

What's so great about this is that I'd realized that while Jethro wanted nothing to do with us two footers, he always became very interested when other dogs came near his pen. Kimi wasn't sure but didn't say no so I tested my theory by putting first Captain and then Nora (not at the same time) in with Jethro.

In each case, he got really excited and was eager to meet them but sadly neither of them really cared about him after the initial sniff. I knew Captain would be that way because he doesn't care about ANY other dog (except Tex, for some very odd reason he just had to show Tex who was boss). Nora, I didn't know as well but I was hoping she'd be a little more friendly than Captain was.

Anyways, so basically I was sure of the fact that Jethro was destined to only really enjoy doggie company for at least a good long while since he never warmed up to anyone despite all our attempts. And his new home? It features a number of fellow ex Chihuahua Rescue residents and apparently he's already through the roof in happiness.

Here's a quote from his new human guardian:

"So far all the guys are getting along. He had a good dinner and a good nights sleep in my bed with buddy, dennis, yardley, brandy, and tiffany. He has taken to emily and slept the morning with her when ashley and i went to church. He is now in her arms being loved. He even likes the cats. So far he has been a love."

Turns out I guess I was wrong about the human aspect. He's already opened up to their love!

Jethro's just another in a long string of amazing miracle stories all architected by Kimi! She takes the broken ones that everyone else wants to put down and heals them and finds them new homes where they'll be loved and cared for and most importantly, understood and helped with their scars physical or pyschological.

This is what makes me so devoted to Chihuahua Rescue and Kimi and I'm proud to be a part of it and it's definitely one of the most meaningful things I've done in my life.

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