Riding In Cars With Dogs (ridingwithdogs) wrote,
Riding In Cars With Dogs

Farewell Igor

Just discovered that Igor has passed away during my absence. I've been out of touch with the folks at the rescue but I was browsing idly around the website when I noticed a note on the Thank You page about a donation by a fellow volunteer in "memory of Igor".

He arrived 3 years ago having been dumped because he was "too old" at 17 and I think cause he was starting to rack up the vet bills. I met him several months ago when the hospital ward was set up next door and he was moved in because he was no longer able to walk well. I spent a lot of time after that holding him and petting him and helping to administer painkillers so that he was comfortable.

Farewell Igor, you lived a long life (20 years!!) and I hope that it was a good one!

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