Riding In Cars With Dogs (ridingwithdogs) wrote,
Riding In Cars With Dogs

Back but not back

I've been back in CA for several weeks now. But I haven't really been to the rescue at all since I live an hour's drive away now instead of 5 minutes. I wasn't making the drive before because I waiting for my checks to start again and had to be very conservative with gas (it's a 1/2 tank roundtrip).

I had to drive to Burbank to vote since I was registered at my Dad's place. I'm sure I could have voted in Ventura somehow but there were enough reasons to go ahead and make the drive that I just did it anyways.

Since I needed to give Kimi something, I stopped by Chi Rescue and a 10 minute stop ended up being several hours. She was hungry so we went to eat which was nice because it gave me a chance to catch up on going ons and it was amazing all that she had to tell me from just the past 2-3 days!!

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