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People who refuse to spay/neuter their pets even if they don't intend to breed. And those who do... most of them are just doing it for "fun"... casually and all claim that they can find homes for the litters.

Just makes me insane with anger .... I want to show them all the pictures of dead animals in the garbage cans at animal shelters... puppies & kittens included who could have gotten that same home instead.

If I want puppies... I'll get one from the shelter, there are plenty of pregnant females who arrive in shelters all the time. It's a bullshit excuse to breed your favorite pet to get "another Rover" because children are NOT clones of their parents. Why bring more animals into the world when there ARE PLENTY of ones in need getting killed everyday because some of the homes they could have had were taken by puppies/kittens produced by these assholes who refuse to look at the bigger picture.

Animal Planet even promotes this irresponsibility by producing segments for That's My Baby that show a family letting their pet breed just to show their kids the miracle of birth. Now I do approve of when That's My Baby shows segments about respectable breeders and their litters or zoos or etc. But I think it's irresponsible when they promote the casual home breeding.

Reference Links I'd like to shove down these people throats: Brutal stuff - don't read without a tissue box handy or a bucket to throw up in.
My Name is Sam - heartbreaking account of one dog's euthanasia.
Fate of a Dog - in an alabama shelter, a picture slideshow with accompanying text narration.
Description of a Doggie Gas Chamber - also has 2 pictures of containers full of killed pets
Horrible story about what one county "shelter" does - specifically want people to see this video link of a gas chamber being loaded and used... with healthy looking dogs AND PUPPIES
"Lovely" article about what happens to excess animals - hits a lot of hard points but doesn't address the core issue that we have to get the pet population under control so there's no need to dispose of thousands upon thousands of animal carcasses.
Job Description for Mesquite, NV Animal Control Officer - take a look at Job Duty #16
More horror stories about a animal pound in Montana

Unable to find a link for my "favorite" picture ... a shot of landfill where bags of dead animals had busted open spilling out their contents.... most prominent in the picture is a dead German Shepherd mostly out of one bag.

It just goes on and on....

So yea that's why I get so angry when I read/hear people talk about why they won't spay/neuter Fido for any of the many bullshit reasons often given.

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