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Fifi's Tale

This is a followup to my recent crossposting in various communities about the sad fate of Madonna's chihuahuas.

One of the dogs, Rosita, died from complications of having her face beat in. I'm told what happened to her face is very similar to what happened to Fifi's.

Fifi is one of Chihuahua Rescue's permenant residents. CR's also a sanctuary for those who would otherwise be put to sleep.

Everyone wants to adopt Fifi because she just looks so darling in the picture with her bent muzzle but she's definitely one of the harder cases at Chihuahua Rescue. It took her a long time to get used to me and that was just with me walking around and through the area. One day I took a chance and walked up to her cause I saw her head poking out of her self made cave. I called her name in a friendly voice and just about fell over when she crawled out of her blanket den and came eagerly to the edge of the bed to be petted. Tail wagging and all. I was able to pet her on the head and upper back and bit and even hold her though I was very very cautious.

Normally, Fifi growls and menances anyone who dares to come too close. It's easy to avoid her because all she wants to do day in and day out is to sleep nestled in a self made den of the blankets left out in the playground for that dogs to cuddle in. It's rare to see her walking around or even to see her at all. Most people don't even know she's there.

So even with this "breakthrough" between me and Fifi, it's still very touch and go... sometimes she violently crabs at you for disturbing her, sometimes she comes up for some petting & treats, but then it's another game of chance as to whether she'll stay calm for it or erupt into a frenzy of tail chasing. It's like she feels a phantom tormenter at her back and when she gets petted, she gets confused and thinks that it's the tormenter back to hurt her. I'll draw back and stop and soon she'll stop and go back to wagging her tail and being all "pet me pet me". I must note that when Fifi erupts into a biting frenzy... it's not me that she's trying to bite but her own tail? That's what makes me think that she feels this "phantom" behind her because it looks like she's trying to bite something that's touching her from behind.

Now I've heard of dogs similiar to her that were prone to similiar outbursts and they've gone to understanding homes and have done quite well there. I do wonder how Fifi would do in a home environment. But generally the applicants who want Fifi are looking for a family pet type dog of which Fifi is not suited for. Fifi needs to go to someone who's willing to adapt to her special needs and forgive her her craziness. Certainly they must be prepared that they may just be getting a dog who'll spend her days hidden away somewhere, coming out only for food and bathroom trips.

Fifi peering out... is it safe?

What's going on?? (It's a Saturday and she's looking in the direction of the fence which is a few feet away. On the other side is the area where the public is admitted to during "Visiting" hours. Normally it's quiet but there's a commotion going on of people voices and dogs barking.

A rare moment where Fifi's out and about... she's interested in what's going on but isn't about to brave the crowd for a piece of my brother's burger. If you can't spot her, she's standing on the right partially under the plastic lawn chair.

Fifi on another day, out and about. Just remembered her corkscrew tail. There's another shot that shows it even better.

Anyways... dogs like Fifi are what make me really glad that a place like Chihuahua Rescue exists. They own and run their own kennel so that they can provide a sanctuary for the "unadoptables". I've heard all the negative rants about rescues which often seem to stem from either A) They only take in the adoptables and/or B) They loot the shelters for the best picks. I can certainly understand why rescues do either because it takes a lot of time, money and effort just to do rehoming for dogs. So when a rescue takes in the abused and torn apart dogs and only goes to the shelter to get dogs in their 11.5th hour... they rank very high in my book. Especially when I know that they've got astounding success at PLACING these unadoptables. These poor dogs do get a second chance at love and at least a peaceful safe life til their new home comes along.

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