Riding In Cars With Dogs (ridingwithdogs) wrote,
Riding In Cars With Dogs

Rainbow Bridge: Igor

Just discovered that Igor has passed away during my absence. I've been out of touch with the folks at the rescue but I was browsing idly around the website when I noticed a note on the Thank You page about a donation by a fellow volunteer in "memory of Igor".

He arrived 3 years ago having been dumped because he was "too old" at 17 and I think cause he was starting to rack up the vet bills. I met him several months ago when the hospital ward was set up next door and he was moved in because he was no longer able to walk well. I spent a lot of time after that holding him and petting him and helping to administer painkillers so that he was comfortable.

Farewell Igor, you lived a long life (20 years!!) and I hope that it was a good one!

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