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Major Peeve (rant)

Gah... there's been a recent thread of conversation on the "Friends of Chihuahua Rescue" yahoo group that's really been pissing me off.

Someone who adopted a dog from CR 5 years ago wrote in to complain that her roommate who "wanted a chihuahua to rescue" was upset because Kimi was taking too long to finish the adoption for the dog she'd picked out, Autumn.

Esqueeze me? When you *adopt* a dog from CR, you're not *rescuing* it, you're simply adopting it. It's already been rescued... saved... what have you... by Chihuahua Rescue who accepted the commitment and obligation to take care of the dog for the rest of its life. The only thing the prospective adopter is doing is offering it a home where it'll get more personal attention than at the rescue cum sanctuary.

Anyways... right after I responded... another volunteer chimed in to report that the impatient prospective adopter had already gone with another rescue.

Well that right there... in my opinion... tells me that that's not the person I'd want to adopt a dog out to anyways if it were my choice. If they're too impatient to wait for a dog that they chose to adopt (which would indicate that they feel a BOND with that dog) then these people are more likely to be turning around and dumping the dog back into the shelter system within a year or two.

I'm also rather irate with the person who did the emailing because why is she wasting our time bitching about this when it's already a done deal? I got even madder when she responded to the thread and proceeded to belittle CR's achievements and efforts through thinly veiled "compliments".

I know I have a real thin skin when it comes to these kind of people but that probably because my ire is already on alert because of the other people who take it much further and waste tax payer dollars and Kimi's time and their own... trying to get CR shut down.

My god people get a clue... if Lt Spears could find any merit to these complaints... He would have shut Kimi down long ago. All that happens is that he is forced to go out there as much as once a week to "investigate the complaints". I just want to stick a nail studded clue bat up all these people's arses, it makes me so mad...

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