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A little puppy told me that I've gotten dragged into the current war between Chihuahua Rescue and disgruntled Ex Volunteers who can't be bothered to help dogs in real need.

Welcome to this site which is a combination text/photo journal of my volunteer experiences last year. It includes more than Chi Rescue though CR did receive the bulk of my volunteer hours.

Be aware that the ex-volunteers are currently breaking the law (DMCA) because they stole photos off this website and have not only reposted them on their own website but have redistributed them without permission (let alone proper credit). What's really criminal in my opinion is that they've taken my photos and tried to recast them in a sinister light by showing them alongside horrible and malicious unfounded claims.

If you take a good look at the photos as you see them here along with the rest of the photos in the series, you'll see that they're not sinister at all. Most of the stolen shots are taken in the hospital wards where the dogs are kept in cages to keep them safe from other dogs and allow them time to recuperate. Other dogs are usually new arrivals that are being isolated until their temperament and health is determined. They are later moved to join the rest of the dogs elsewhere.

I think the photo that raises my ire the most is the one of Yoda. They took my "Before" pictures and tried to insinuate that this is condition that Kimi keeps her dogs in. But if you look further on in my photo journal, you'll find pictures of Yoda looking much better at the Nov Best Friends Adoption Fair. And early this year, Yoda found his new home and can now be found on Dogster looking like the star he is!

You *will* find pictures of dogs in sorry states but that is how they CAME to Chihuahua Rescue. The pictures were taken as benchmark for "Before" or are "healing in progress" shots.

The entire place is cleaned daily and if you browse through the photos on my site, you'll rarely see any poop anywhere. Poop is a natural function and is to be expected but if the accusations were true... you'd see poop *everywhere* plus it'd be moldy and stacked several layers deep.

For the record, of the remaining pictures on the website belonging to the ex volunteers who clearly have axes to grind. What do they show?

* More shots of the hospital ward (note stacks of clean newspaper, bags of food, cleaning equipment -> all contradicts their claims, I know it's hard to see them in cages but it's no different than you'd find at a vet's office, animals are kept in cages to facilitate the healing process.)

* a messy front office (oh noes!! doesn't Kimi know that it's MUCH more important to keep her front office neat and orderly than to take care of the living creatures in her care?)

* incoming dogs in their arrival crates (one who has clearly soaked the newspaper in its crate by knocking over the water bowl... why didn't the ex "volunteer" who took the picture take care of it instead of standing around taking pictures of nothing?)

* dogs still in the recovery process (the thin white dog looked SO much worse the first time I ever saw it, hardly any fur at all, I was pleased to see in that picture that it's coming along nicely in its recovery)

There's ONE photo that actually shows poop in the cage. However consider that these people were once trusted volunteers and were allowed into the dog areas to do things like CLEAN the cages. It'd be extremely easy for them to just go in in the early morning and take the photos before the staff & volunteers have come around to clean it. Consider how much a single dog can poop. Again if their claims were true... there'd be a great deal more poop in the cage. So what you see in this photo is simply a cage that hasn't been cleaned yet.

Anyways... I know some of these ex volunteers personally and the majority of them did some pretty whacked out things. They do all have one thing in common. They wanted the rescue run THEIR way and left or were asked to leave because they didn't get their way and in some cases started sabotaging the rescue.

I never understood their attitudes. Yes we can all see some ways to improve things. However, every suggestion that I've made to Kimi that she declined to utilize, I usually later saw for myself that she was correct to do so. They turned out to be impractical or the wrong thing to do. It's taught me that Kimi's 20 years of rescue experience is nothing to sneeze at or overlook but clearly these people think they can do better than her.

If they're so hell bent on saving & rescuing dogs... let them start their own rescue group and save the chihuahuas in real danger that are being killed daily in shelters of the greater Los Angeles area.

I've volunteered at other places in the past and based on my overall experiences, I find the dogs at Chihuahua Rescue to be quite lucky. Kimi takes good care of them and she'll always have my support.

Several residents enjoying the afternoon sun

FYI, I noticed the other day on their website that they tout Marty & Wally as an example of her hoarding dogs. I was increduluous that they had the gall to do that because it's not for a lack of trying that M & W didn't have homes yet. They needed to go together because they were attached to each other. Every prospective adopter I ever showed them to, was turned off by their puppy rambunctiousness especially since they'd outgrown the cute puppy stage. Given the huge choice that adopters had, it's not that hard to see why time and time again M & W were ignored in favor of other dogs. But at least they were safe, cared for, not in danger of euthanasia. They live with other dogs in one of many dog areas and played together all day long.

Yea it'd be nice if they got a home but I've faith and confidence that Kimi will pull another miracle out of her hat and find the PERFECT home for them... she's done it many times before. I've written about some (browse the archives) and someday I hope to find the time to write about the rest of the ones I saw.

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