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Adonis, the new supermodel?

Friday was an interesting day... I'd stayed over at CR again because I was up late helping with stuff and also I wanted to sleep with Captain. K had asked me if I wanted to with her to a photo shoot and I said sure.

I didn't know what it was about but when she decided that she couldn't go and asked me if I would, that's when I learned the details. Someone had seen the beautiful longhaired dog that we got a month or so ago on our website. As of Friday, he is now named Adonis. Anyways, they wanted to use him in a photo shoot and would make a donation to CR for it so K agreed because a donation is a donation. However, she would only trust me and one other to take the dog for her and it was a good thing I was there.

Adonis had at first been very nervous and wouldn't come near you. Same for his brother who I've tenatively named Butternut. His brother's more skitchy than Adonis and Adonis has actually really warmed up to us and calmed down. That's why K agreed to it.

In any case, it took a while for K to get in touch with Amy who was the one coordinating Adonis's involvement with photo shoot to find out where I was to go. When she got in touch, she found out that they were running behind so we asked her to call us when she was ready and I'd go down there with Adonis. In the meantime, Adonis sat on the wooden bench and I sat on the floor and alternated between taking pictures of him and "sleeping" with my head on the blankets next to Adonis. Got some really nice shots!

Anyways, I finally got so faint with hunger that I left to go get food at Wendy's and of course Amy called right after I left and for some reason, my cell phone didn't show a missed call from Kimi until after I had sat down with my food and started eating. Weird. I rushed back and grabbed Adonis and looked up the directions online and then off we were.

Interesting drive straight through North Hollywood, Hollywood, and West Hollywood to get there! But got there we did and safely too.

Walked into the photo shoot around 4:30pm to find that they still weren't ready for us. That was a relief because it took me a while to get there and I didn't leave until well after Amy called.

Amy was very nice and made it clear that if Adonis needed ANYTHING she would get it for him. She went over the paperwork with me, releases and all, and I gave her all the info I knew and then signed and all that. The place looked like what you'd expect from what you see in the movies... the stage setup in a warehouse like room with couches for lounging and well stocked snack table plus all the typical paraphernalia for photo shoots. Was definitely an experience :D

What I really wanted to know was which model was going to be posing with Adonis so that I could start the process of getting him used to her so that she would be able to hold him. Finally found out what model would be holding him and she was already sitting next to me. He had already snapped at her when she overdid the "reaching fingers out for him to sniff". I don't think she was really experienced but to her credit she didn't freak out and was still willing to try and get him comfortable with her.

Once I realized that she was THE model, I panicked because would I be able to convince Adonis that she was alright? If I couldn't then I'd have to call it off because no point in putting him through that kind of stress (or the model).

I ended up setting him on her lap with his head facing me and my hands around his head so I could block him from trying to bite her if he tried. He didn't... he was nervous (Rescue Remedy wore off) but he settled in after about 5 minutes and so then we just settled in and waited. I did remember to snap a couple of pictures so we had something to remember it by.

When they were ready, I let her carry him over to the stool and then they were doing adjustment of pose and trying to decide what positions when the photographer suddenly said "Um, is that blood on his belly?"! I rushed and scooped him up and determined that it was coming from his rear paw around his nails. Figured it was a "quick" issue but I was really puzzled since we hadn't tried to clip his nails I think ever!

Was also mortified to realize that he'd bled all over her skirt and part of her sleeve! They were understanding about it so they said... I had rushed off to the bathroom so basically if there was anything wrong I didn't get to hear about it. Amy was very nice and even helped me clean his foot off. I was able to see that the nail had rotted up at the top of the nail. Clearly it had started breaking off at that point but not all the blood vessels had atrophied. I think when the model got up and carried him over, the nail caught just enough on something that it opened an exposed blood vessel. I was watching very carefully and there was nothing she did that was careless!

Anyways, someone was helping me to find something to bandage his foot with. As long as you didn't pull down on the nail and "open" the crack, it would stop bleeding. Amy comes back in and says that they've decided to just go on without him and that we could go ahead and go. Oy I felt bad because this might have ruined a nice way for CR to get donations with the friendlier charges. Oh well, at least Amy said that they would still pay us for coming down so this trip was at least worth it. The nail break would have happened eventually, it was just bad timing.

So I brought him back to home base where Arlette the wonderful vet tech was working on the pet hospital which is setting up next door. She took care of Adonis's foot which involved just yanking off the nail which was basically hanging on by a few vessels and then dousing liberally with styptic powder and bandaging. I had re-dosed Adonis with a couple more drops of Rescue Remedy to help him through it. I don't think it was painful at all for him because he never once gave an indication that he was in any pain. He was just content to be cradled in my arms and hugged.

So that's the story of Adonis's very short supermodeling career! You can see the rest of the pictures I took though in the album for July 30th in the Photos section, or just click the thumbnail:

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