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Gah... this post is for all the people out there who get outraged and upset by the high standards of rescuers for potential adopters. You know who you are.

About a week or two ago, we get a new arrival. He's an owner turn-in and K is talking to the owner.

K = Chihuahua Rescue's President & Founder & Hero, Kimi Peck
O = Owner turning in his dog
The following is paraphrased as it was heard 2nd hand.

K: Well we'll find him a good home.
O: Oh I KNOW you will!
K: Oh?
O: You turned me down last year when I came to adopt.

ARRRGHHH!! Turns out that K actually was able to remember him and that she turned him down because of a bad feeling. Talk about good instincts... she turned him down and he obviously went out and found someone willing to adopt a dog out to him and now here he is turning the dog in because he doesn't have time for the dog anymore. Fucking bastard!!!

Now I'm sure that we turn away some people who would be good homes but what most people fail to understand or get even after we painstakingly try to explain it to them is this:


We're not interested in how fast we can turn over the dogs and get those adoption fees. Some rescuers are and while I think that's unfortunate, I just hope for the best for those dogs.

What we ARE interested in is finding the best *safe* and *loving* homes for our dogs so that they never have to go through the trauma of losing their homes again.

The people that I dislike are the ones who don't think of adoption as making the same kind of commitment as adopting a child. Granted you don't have to do AS much as with a child but a pet is not a disposable commodity.

Anyways I could go on ranting but mainly I just wanted to tell the story about this owner who is just the perfect example of why we ARE so strict. Oh and btw... the dog in question doesn't seem to be too perturbed at his new surroundings... goes to show just how attached he'd become in a year's time. I've had dogs become attached to me within days!

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