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Story of Wela & Phoenix

When Wela was dumped on us last July, she was only 2 days from giving birth. She did so in the morning before anyone was awake. Sadly one of the pups was killed... probably by one of the other pregnant moms. Kimi rushed Wela and the other 4 pups to the emergency vet. I got there not long after Kimi got back and was told that the puppies were probably going to die because Wela was refusing to accept them.

I'd gotten lunch from Wendy's but hadn't eaten it yet. I took it into the bathroom where the two crates were. Wela was in one and the puppies bundled into the other. I took the top off Wela's crate so she couldn't hide from me. I sat on the floor between the crates and ate my lunch without looking at Wela. Just projected an air of nonchalance and "everything's fine". I knew the food smells would interest Wela so every so often I'd offer her a fry. Then when I got to the chicken fingers, that was what she was interested in so I gave her a bite here and there.

Part of the problem was that Wela and all her fellow dumpees were extremely frightened and not very well socialized to new people. Many of them were ready to bite you if you got too close, Wela included. For a long time afterwards, Wela was known as "Vicious Mama" which shows why I was so cautious that day.

By the time I finished my lunch, I'd worked my way up to petting her a little around her head and she was accepting of that. So then I took a puppy and held it out to her. She sniffed it and looked like she wanted it. So I placed it next to her where it could find a nipple. It started going for the gold right away and Wela was fine with it.

One at a time, after each puppy was settled in, I gave her a new one to sniff. After the first couple, I started needing to shift Wela around so there'd be a space for the new puppy to nurse. She was very accomodating and assisted me by helping to shift herself so the new puppy could nurse.

Later in the day, everyone's happy

Writing about it now... it seems so simple now but that day, it was just amazing to get Wela to take her puppies. She proved to be a very good mother. Kimi and I were the only ones that could enter the bathroom without her shifting into "Vicious Mama" mode.

Sad to say... 2 of the puppies just didn't make it. I was surprised to learn that it's actually not uncommon for a couple of puppies to die. Especially given the interbreeding of Wela's clan.

The big white girl was named Aphrodite and was the last to die. For some reason, she just never grew and then started to wither away. Nothing we did for her worked. Vet couldn't figure it out either. The tan puppy also didn't make it but she died in the 2nd-3rd day. There was some oddness around her belly so possibly doomed because of bad breeding?

Frankenbaby had died almost 3 months before. Given my feelings that the forces of the universe had decided to take Frankenbaby back and let her be reborn into a better chance at life, I couldn't help but feel that the dark colored baby that didn't match her siblings or Wela's clan was Frankenbaby reborn... so with Kimi's blessing, I named her Phoenix.

Phoenix and her brother are 9 months old now. Kimi's adopted the brother but Phoenix is still there. I've always wanted to adopted Phoenix and her mother Wela but still yet lack the home situation to do so. Perhaps someday soon... of course there's always a chance that someone else may adopt her in the meantime and that's definitely double edged for me. Would be happy for her to have a home where she can be doted on sooner but sad because it's not my home. Phoenix, from day 1 and on.

Phoenix & her brother at 3 months and 10 days

Wela's still not real socialable but remembers me and always comes to me to be picked up and cuddled. There were a couple times where I was gone for a good while so she needed a few minutes to remember me but she always did. It's doubtful that anyone else would want her since she still only likes me and K as far as I know. K loves her too but would be happy to see Wela come home with me.

Wela curled with me when I stayed over in early November

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